Database Design for Mere Mortals, Second Edition

Database Design for Mere Mortals, Second Edition
Michael J. Hernandez
ISBN No. 0-201-75284-0
An astonishing fresh approach to the ‘nasty’ task of relational database design. Mike uses a straightforward, no-nonsense technique that doesn’t get bogged down in incomprehensible mathematical rules or scientific jargon. Anyone who has anything to do with creating applications using a database product should buy this book and read it cover to cover. For novice readers, it will save hours of frustration trying to build something without a workable design. Even the most advanced database developers will find a new way to look at database design methodology — and perhaps find many of Mike’s ideas useful to make the task more interesting and palatable for others on their project teams.

The Second Edition has many new topics and has several major sections rewritten based on reader feedback.

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