AND vs. OR (All versions)

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It’s a common mistake to get OR and AND mixed up when typing a compound criteria for a single field. You may think to yourself, “I want all the entertainment groups in the states of Washington and California,” and then type: WA AND CA in the Criteria row for the StateOrProvince field. When you do this, you’re asking Access to find rows where (StateOrProvince = “WA”) AND (StateOrProvince = “CA”). Since a field in a record can’t have more than one value at a time (it can’t contain both the values “WA” and “CA” in the same record), there won’t be any records in the output. To look for all the rows for these two states, you need to ask Access to search for (StateOrProvince = “WA”) OR (StateOrProvince= “CA”). In other words, type WA OR CA in the Criteria row under the StateOrProvince field.