Karin Slaughter

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Karin Slaughter (her real name) is a best-selling crime novelist from Georgia. Her first series centers around murders occurring in the fictitious Grant County in Georgia. The main characters are Jeffrey Tolliver, the Chief of Police, and Sara Linton, Tolliver’s ex-wife and local pediatrician / county coroner. Their lives keep getting thrown back together as she helps him solve various murders. Slaughter’s second series stars Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Will Trent, again solving complex murder mysteries. Slaughter has recently branched out into other independent books, though still centered in her home state of Georgia.

The stories all involve rather gory and bizarre murders, so this author may not be to your tastes if you prefer “soft” crime mysteries. First few books in Grant County aren’t as polished as the rest. Slaughter really started to hit her stride about midway through the Will Trent series, so stick with it if you’re not sure you like the first few.

The Will Trent series follows chronologically after all the Grant County stories, so be sure to finish all the Grant County stories first. Characters from Grant County show up again in Will Trent (not going to tell you which ones – that would be a spoiler). Will make more sense if you do all of Grant County first, but Slaughter adds enough explanation so that you can also jump right into the Trent series if you like.

Grant County Series


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Grant County #2

A Faint Cold Fear

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Grant County #5

Beyond Reach

Grant County #6

Will Trent Series


Will Trent #1


Will Trent #2


Will Trent #3


Will Trent #4


Will Trent #5

Criminal / Snatched

Will Trent #6 & 7

Unseen / Busted

Will Trent #8 & 9

Other Books

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