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Microsoft Office Access 2010 Inside Out

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Microsoft Office Access 2010 Inside Out Jeff Conrad John L. Viescas ISBN 0-7356-2685-5 CD included Microsoft has extended the features introduced in Access 2007 by enhancing the macro facility and giving you the ability to design forms and reports that can be directly ported to a Microsoft SharePoint web server.This comprehensive book, updated thoroughly by my “partner in crime,” Jeff… Read more »

Microsoft Office Access 2007 Inside Out

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Microsoft Office Access 2007 Inside Out John L. ViescasJeff ConradISBN 0-7356-2325-2CD included Microsoft has completely redesigned the user interface for all Microsoft Office products! Even if you’re an expert using Access, you need this book to learn how to work in this new edition of the world’s most popular desktop database. The book is also chock-full of details about the… Read more »

Microsoft Access 2003 Inside Out

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Microsoft Office Access 2003 Inside Out John L. ViescasISBN 0-7356-1513-6CD included. When Microsoft Press says "Inside Out," they mean it! This book covers how to build Desktop (mdb) applications, how to create Project (adp) applications, automating your application with Visual Basic, using Access on the Web, and much more. The CD is chock-full of sample code and includes three fully-functioning… Read more »

Building Microsoft Access Applications

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Building Microsoft Access Applications John L. ViescasISBN 0-7356-2039-3CD included You can find lots of Access books that give you neat tips and tricks to make your applications more robust, but none that give you a complete application with all the features built-in and a thorough guide to how the application works.Building Microsoft Access Applications includes four, count ’em four, complete… Read more »

Special Edition Using Access 2002

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Special Edition Using Access 2002 Roger JenningsISBN 0-78972-510-X Sorry, but there is no 2002 edition of Running. I highly recommend Roger’s book as a good foundation for Intermediate users. This is a far better buy than the Microsoft Access 2002 Inside Out book (not written by me).

Access 2002 Developers Handbook Set

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Paul Litwin, Ken Getz, Mike GunderloyISBN 0-7821-4011-4CDs included Just like their previous editions, this is the book to own if you’re serious about developing advanced applications using Microsoft Access. Where else can you buy 30+ years of collective developer experience for under $100?

Access Cookbook

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Access Cookbook Paul Litwin, Ken Getz, Andy BaronISBN 0-5960-0084-7CD included This is a great little (OK, so it’s 720 pages) book that contains “answers” to many common tricky development tasks. The section on how to use the new Printers collection is particularly cool! The book is organized by type of task: queries, forms, reports, code, API calls, etc.

Microsoft Access 2002 Step-by-Step

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Microsoft Access 2002 Step-by-Step Online Training Solutions, Inc.ISBN 0-73561-299-4Disk included If you’re a rank beginner, start with this book. This is the 2002 version of the popular beginner tutorial.

Running Microsoft Access 2000

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Running Microsoft Access 2000 John L. ViescasISBN 1-57231-934-8CD included This edition of the book includes a new chapter on “Publishing Your Data on the Web.” I cover using both FrontPage and the new Data Access Pages facility to create web pages using “live” data from Microsoft Access 2000. You’ll also find a new section on the ground-breaking Client/Server facility as well… Read more »