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Copy Toolbar Menu

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When you copy a built-in menu (either from an available menu bar or from the Built-In Menus category), Access does not make an independent copy of the original. So, if you copy a menu and then change some of its properties (for example, you delete one of the commands from the menu), you’re also affecting the built-in menu. This is… Read more »

Toolbar Context

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If you open one of the built-in toolbars in a context in which the toolbar would not normally be open, the toolbar remains open until you close it. For example, if you open the Customize dialog box while the focus is on the Database window and then open the Form Design toolbar, the toolbar remains open no matter what you… Read more »


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Although Access 2000 generally interprets 21st century dates with two-digit years correctly, I strongly recommend that you take advantage of the new Use Four-Digit Year Formatting option in Access to avoid all confusion. When you choose this option, Access displays four-digit years in datasheets, forms, and reports. It also converts whatever you type in an expression (such as Criteria in… Read more »