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Select All Fields in Query Design (V2 and later)

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An easy way to select all the fields in a table is to double-click the title bar of the field list in the upper part of the Query design window. This highlights all the fields. Then click any of the highlighted fields and drag them as a group to the Field row in the design grid. While you’re dragging, the… Read more »

AND vs. OR (All versions)

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It’s a common mistake to get OR and AND mixed up when typing a compound criteria for a single field. You may think to yourself, “I want all the entertainment groups in the states of Washington and California,” and then type: WA AND CA in the Criteria row for the StateOrProvince field. When you do this, you’re asking Access to… Read more »

Updatability (V2 and later)

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The recordset that Microsoft Access creates when you run a query looks and acts pretty much like a real table containing data. In fact, in most cases you can insert rows, delete rows, and update the information in a recordset, and Access will make the necessary changes to the underlying table or tables for you. In some cases, however, Access… Read more »